Who are we?

  • Mark started at Bell TV in Toronto, where he worked in the post-production department. After years in the freelance editing and graphics world, he decided to start a company that would give him a much needed creative outlet, as well as the independence to deliver what he knows clients need to ensure their success.
  • We want to include you in every step along the way as we mold a campaign specific to your company. At Good Shark, there is no middle man - the team working on your project reports to you. Whether it be through social media, print ads, a website, or a tv commercial, the end goal is lasting and effective exposure that capture your vision.
  • Good Shark Studios wants to create convincing, memorable media for your company. Keeping you in the loop at every stage ensures your satisfaction, which is paramount. We’re not happy until you are!
Mark Shaver
Personal History

As a graphic designer, marketing specialist, video editor and producer, Mark has seen projects from every side.  With an in depth knowledge of progression, he knows exactly how to get a project from start to finish.  With over 10 years in the industry, he’s seen his fair share of work.  Looking to grow, he wanted to start a company that could do everything a company needed to get their name out there.

Before starting Good Shark, he’s worked for Tennis Canada, The Score, Bell TV and Blue Ant Media, which all gave him the tools he uses today on his own projects.

While not sitting as his desk, he enjoys playing volleyball, which keeps him on his toes, and has also begun coaching. In 2018, Mark and his Aurora Storm team traveled to Edmonton, where they won the National Title.

He is the father of two adorable kids, and husband to an amazing wife. A wife who has been nice enough to allow him to decorate their house with shark themed art!